Better Stop Suicide

Better Stop Suicide has been designed to help tackle the growing problem of suicide, which takes the lives of over 800,000 people every year.

This is a free app using world-leading psychological techniques and technology to stop people from committing suicide.

Better App

Features to make you feel better

Life-saving message

Life-saving message

Everyone possesses an inner voice that motivates them to persevere. Let it be heard by recording yourself a life-saving message.

Calming audio files

Calming audio files

Utilize calming guided audios crafted by renowned industry experts to facilitate the engagement of one's thinking brain.

Key phone contacts

Key phone contacts

Access an immediate connection with another individual from your phone book, ensuring that your cherished contacts remain within reach when you require their assistance.

Gratitude checklist

Gratitude checklist

Take the time to think about anything that you’re grateful for in life however big or small it may be.

Alarm clock

Built-in alarm clock

The Better app has a crucial task awaiting all users, and the app want to ensure everyone is prepared and ready to engage with it.

Feel better tasks

Feel better tasks

The Better Stop Suicide app suggests three straightforward and beneficial tasks to uplift your mood whenever you need them.

Reclaiming Hope: Transformative Support for Mental Well-being with the Better Stop Suicide

Support for Mental Well-being

The Better app aims to assist you in reclaiming your well-being. Statistics show that 97% of individuals who have contemplated or planned suicide express gratitude for changing their minds three months later, reporting increased happiness and appreciation for life.

The app is designed to calm and slow down your mind, facilitating the use of your thinking brain. Through its features, the app guides you to experience a tranquil night of restful sleep, setting the stage for the next day where an essential task awaits—one that holds the potential to make a significant impact on preserving your life.

User reviews

Positive reviews written by users who have used the app serve as proof of the goals for which the app was developed.

rating five stars Thank you so much for helping me out. I am only 11 but I feel like I want to commit suicide but this app has helped me a lot so thank you very much!
rating five stars This is a nice kind app, I hate to admit it but I did want to ... so I downloaded this app and I love it! Thanks
rating five stars Anybody in distress should keep the app on their phone and use when needed... it's very GOOD .... I'm still here as a result of the app.


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